Saturday, October 2, 2010

New server on TsukiIRC

Just linked earlier today to TsukiIRC was Gorfnets, bringing some old friends of mine and fellow opers onto the IRC network. With that, we now have 8 servers spanning multiple locations in the USA, along with servers located in the UK and Austraila.

Here's the current list of the top five channels now:
  1. #Hades (36 users)
  2. #chats (23 users)
  3. #Darkstar (14 users)
  4. #Blogspot (13 users)
  5. #hurr (11 users)
We're steadily growing and getting close to averaging 100 users on the net now. It's pretty exciting with what we're doing. Also, if any irc server operators are looking to maybe link up and become part of a growing network, feel free to connect to the server and talk to me on #help

And for those who want to visit and don't have an IRC client, hop onto choose TsukiIRC for the server, and fill out the rest of the info.

Hope to see you there soon!


  1. Didn't know that was your server man, i use it sometimes thanks i guess :)