Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anime & Chan Toplist

For those who aren't familiar with Toplists, here's an entry from wikipedia. The original is gone, so I've taken the entry from the German page and spruced it up a bit-

A Toplist is a single web page on the topic similar external websites in the form of text and / or banner link..
The external sites are presented in a hierarchy-based ranking. The ranking can be calculated by different methods. One way of ranking is the frequency of visits to a website and another is a possibility of a website wanting for them to "vote for visiting" (vote) by clicking a corresponding button..

On to the founding of the site-
After belonging to The Chan Top List for several months, I decided to make one off of a subdomain of my site, particularly based on nekomimi. It went on for a few months before I was forced to change hosts. A while after getting stuff moved to our current box, I decided to actually put a little more work into the site and found that other chans were joining it. I eventually had the idea to change the "Catgirl Toplist" into a bit more broad site and rename it to Anime & Chan Toplist.

With some design done (thanks Holly!), it was launched under the new domain, Sure, the css needs a bit of work and a few things are lacking, but it's considerably better than it was before.

In order to be ranked on the site, all one would have to do is join, get the code for your button and add that code to the site. Examples of sites currently allowed:
  • Anime Blogs
  • Anime Sites
  • Discussion Boards (anime-related, obviously)
  • Hentai Sites
  • Imageboard *chans
  • Misc. Sites (something that doesn't entirely fit in with everything else)
  • NSFW Galleries (this and the next one are good for boorus)
  • SFW Galleries
Currently there are 18 active members:
  1. NekoArc Network (my home base)
  2. Zombiechan (Zombies and Yakui)
  3. RockstarChan (Rockstar Military is coming)
  4. Otakulinks (A+ Hentai Blog)
  5. DS Chan (Really don't have a description for this one...)
  6. eschan ("generic imageboard" in Spanish)
  7. Mikuchan (Vocaloids, UTAU, Hatsune Miku, and more)
  8. Hurrchan ("Have you ever herped so much you derped?")
  9. Papurokoneko Catgirl Images & Blogs (Nice little active catgirl site)
  10. Vanchan (it's funny)
  11. Awsumchan ("Stop lurking. Get posting.")
  12. Your Yoga Butt (It's a butt site, nothing much else)
  13. Antichan (Pretty new, has potential)
  14. musichan (New-ish music-based chan)
  16. Wallchan (a single board for wallpapers only)
  17. CHAN.PL (A Polish-based chan)
  18. Kemano (Supposed to be an RP community, but it doesn't look like it's active)
Besides doing this for the fun of it, it's to also help smaller and newer sites bring in quality traffic. It helps bring exposure to niche sites like Mikuchan and musichan (for example). Without resorting to endlessly spam other sites or having to pay for it, sites like this are a boon to those looking for traffic.

In closing, sites like this are good for looking into if your a website owner, or even if you're someone like me and is into chan culture and likes going to these other places.

Something a little different.

I thought that I'd try blogging for a change, so here's my lame attempt at doing so. Hopefully, I'll be posting stuff semi-frequently about whatever I want to blog about. :p I may also use this for status on the Network, but who knows. My first 'real' entry will probably be about my toplist and do a small detail on the current memebers.