Friday, October 1, 2010

Chatting and so on

As someone who's used various internet chat mediums over the years, I've found that I prefer using MSN messenger once in a while, while I use IRC for pretty much everything else. Here's what I've used over the years-

  • AIM - My very first chat client dating back to early 2004. Haven't had much use for it for the past few years from all the changes that were made to the interface
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger (now Y!) - My second one that I really don't use anymore. This is how I discovered voice chat back in 2004. On a 33.6kpbs modem. (yes, it was painful and full of static). Don't use this one that much anymore
  • ICQ - I briefly used this one, and it just seemed..."meh"
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat. I've been using this one since late 2004 and I got hooked over how public chat is so useful for stuff. I could go into the various clients for IRC, but that's best for a different article
  • MSN Messenger (Now Live Messenger) - I've really took to a liking to this one back then and I've consistantly used this one since then and well, I just like it lol.
  • Teamspeak - I've used it a few times and I didn't feel that it was that special
  • Skype - Voice chat on a grand scale. If it weren't for my horrid connection, I'd use it more
That's pretty much it for this one tonight. If anyone wants to chat me up, they can use IRC and point their server connection to and join #blogspot
There's also the option of going to and select TsukiIRC from the server list, choose a nickname, and use #blogspot for the channel name. AJAX for easy connections, ne?


  1. I've ditched MSN for facebook chat.. which is buggy as all hell.. I use mumble as my VOIP client, and mibbit or mIRC for IRC..

  2. Been using MSN since i was like 12?

  3. ugh, I completely forgot about facebook chat. I really didn't like it that much.

  4. I like google talk and the other XMPP chat things. IRC, too.