Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Sega Mega Drive Arrived!

Before I begin, I do admit that I confused the two Godzilla movies in my previous post. Apologies.

First, here's a really cruddy quality image:

Contained within is a complete Sega Mega Drive (also known as the Sega Genesis in the United States), along with Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Imported straight from Japan, I paid around sixty dollars for it,

Thursday, October 28, 2010

What are your thoughts on Godzilla?

Godzilla is just badass. Some of the movies may have been extra cheezy, but I loved them nontheless. The only exception that I can think of is that Godzilla 2000 movie, which absolutely sucked and was done way better when Robot Chicken did the parody on it. LIZARDS ON SKATES! (or was that ice, I don't remember..)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More SEGAchannel!

So after mulling over the comments from my previous post about that site, I decided to add a general video games board and update the homepage with some information about the original hardware. Cheers~

Monday, October 25, 2010


I've cut back with blogging a bit over the past week, so I haven't been able to get to reading some of my lists. It sucks. Real life does that kind of thing though. With that said, I'd like to say thanks to my followers for sticking it out and congrats to whoever was my 100th follower. Now to see what this might bring...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Domains: A Quick Overview of Namecheap, Godaddy, and Yahoo.

For those looking for domains, there's a large number of domain providers (aka registars) you can choose from so there's quite a few choices you can chose from. For this post, I'll be going over Yahoo Domains, Godaddy, and Namecheap. All of them offer domains and whois protection, but it's the little stuff that sets them apart

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back from haitus, SEGAchannel

Took a few days off from blogging and then hit some real life stuff so I really couldn't post. Anyways, here I go again!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

You've got mail! - Viagra for 43 percent off! "WTF!"

I'm sure that most of my viewers have at least one email account, so you're probably familiar with viagra or (insert meds) for "growing your member" or just plain weird stuff that comes in your Inbox during the day. For the most part now, email services have advanced to the point of sending all that fun stuff to your junk folder, but I still remember when that garbage was hitting hard and there wasn't much that could be done about it. I still remember when I had to manually turn on the spam filter for my yahoo account, it was back when one only had around 25MB of space or so for your inbox. Anyone else remember those days?

I eventually got an invite to Gmail back in late 2004, and absolutely loved it. It automatically filtered out the crappy spam emails!  It was a nice change of pace using that since I've been using yahoo mail 3 years prior to that coming out. Looking back, I don't know how I could have gone without those ever-so-useful spamfilters that both email services use now.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New stuff? BLARG!

So after ragequitting a match in Modern Warfare 2, I need to relax a bit. Namely by not playing Hardcore Headquarters matches, as they can be a major pain in the ass, especially on Scrapyard. I was at 8 an 48 for my kills to deaths ratio and the match wasn't even half way through. Yeah, I'm pretty mad.

Friday, October 15, 2010

How to boost traffic to your blog (aka how to write a better blog)

Sources of traffic and how to write blog that boost traffic?

Where does the traffic come from? Where my readers come from?

It's essential to know the sources of traffic. Then, you know where your effort should go to boost traffic to your blog.

The sources of traffic:
  • Your blog itself
  • Major search engines and Directory: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL,...
  • External links

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mobile Phones!

Something a tad different from what I'm posting (oh wait I post different stuff all the time..), here's a short one on phones.

Now I'm sure that most of who's reading this has one, but what kind of phone do you have and how do you have yours setup?

Right now, I've got a Palm Pre Plus through Verizon, using their unlimited data/email plan and with the expensive $6 or so monthly charge for insurance. It's handy if the phone has any major issues aside from water damage. Back when I got it, there was a special going on for a free 5GB mobile hotspot for the term of the contract, so that's what kinda got me wanting to buy it. The $50 price point helped quite a bit too. It's a nice phone running webOS, but I've had a few small issues before.  Namely, the sound and vibration completely died one day. Dunno what caused it, but I had to have a replacement sent in for it. Since when does the insurance doesn't come in handy!

Right now, I've been using my phone for calls, email, web surfing, downloading, games, and (of course) irc. The whole unlimited data with the phone helps with my limited bandwidth for my regular internet connection. Since the webOS is relatively easy to unlock, it wasn't much of an issue installing terminal and other stuff so I can shell into the phone and wget from fileservers. I feel like such a nerd :3

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grey area blogging?

So I've been thinking of starting up a separate blog that covers some of the more 'grey area' stuff, so I'll have to do some self-hosted thing should I go forward with it. I already have several domains that I could use for it, so getting that taken care of is not a problem. My only real issue would be what content management system I should use for it. I know there's wordpress, but what else might be out there for me to use?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Every post is a repost of a repost.

Would you not agree that this is true most of the time anymore with most sites? (aside from news sites)
Most of it is unoriginal, rehashed material with some of it having a slightly different spin. I'm sure my post has been posted dozens of times over, some agreeing with it, others disagreeing with it. Hell, there might be someone that posted this with an entirely different opinion! People like normalcy and fear change, and I don't think it'll change anytime soon.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh noes!

When I woke up earlier this afternoon, I noticed a batch of emails on my phone. Usually I just dismiss them till late at night, but I noticed that one of them was from Adsense.

Google AdSense: You have 3 working days to make changes to

Please note that this URL is an example and that the same violations may exist on other pages of your website. As stated in our program policies, AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with adult or mature content. This includes displaying ads on pages that provide links for or drive traffic to adult or mature sites. Please make any necessary changes to your webpages in the next 72 hours. 

So after seeing that, I decided to remove the single ad I have on the mainpage. Hopefully I won't get any notices about it again. If they disable ad hosting for that site, it would make the 3rd site I own that was banned from adsense. Not a huge issue since I really don't get that much money from that stuff anyways, but it is a small bother.

Does anyone have any reccomendations for other ad networks I could use for sites for the SFW portions of my sites?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

"The Future of Video Games"

I saw this posted a long time ago and from what it looks like it was written during the post-Dreamcast era and speculated about casual games. Let's give it a read, shall we?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

12 Reasons Why You Need a Blog

Found this across somewhere else on the internet and I thought I'd share with any lurkers out there~

Why Should I Blog? I Simply Don't Get It"

This post on a popular discussion forum set me thinking - and I came up with 12 reasons you should blog.

Read them and get started on your blog. Or better still, go get your blog up and running and THEN come back and read this :)

#1 - You Do Not Need To Know HTML

One of the biggest hurdles many hopeful website creators face is they don't know to design a webpage. Blogs overcome this - all you do is type into a box, and the blog software automatically converts it into a webpage and publishes it on the World Wide Web for anyone to see.

#2 - You Are 'Forced' To Keep Your Content Fresh

Blogs are essentially online diaries. It doesn't make sense to write in your diary every month or two. Similarly, running a blog itself 'forces' you to update it often. And refreshing your blog often makes it more useful to readers and consumers - and by extension, to search engines who are in the business of presenting *their* clients with valuable resources.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The other day, I received an offer from my bank going on about free Death and Dismemberment insurance. I haven't really looked into it, but seems to be a bit interesting. Free coverage for a whole year, with options of expanding it for a few dollars a month. I honestly don't see a real need for it, but it's free, so I may take the offer for it.

Along with that, it's about time for insurance enrollment and renewals for where I work. I currently have my dental and vision insurance through them and so far I've only had to use the vision insurance. Came in handy at lenscrafters when I had to buy new glasses, saved around 50% on the costs. I do need to find a decent dentist in the area so my teeth can be checked out (>.>)

The pricing for the health insurance isn't too bad, but since I already been using Blue Cross Blue Shield long before I got my current job, I have no real need to get it. Besides, it would cost me around the same price to get it through work, so it really wouldn't make sense to get it. In addition to that, I can get other stuff like various spending plans for family and medical, but I currently have no need for it either

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

RIP Gorfnets

after an oper went psycho and banned all the opers, gorfnets has been removed from the server links. if anyone has had any trouble, please reconnect to


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halo 3 ODST Multiplayer

In lieu of a complete multiplayer option, ODST includes Halo 3's multiplayer game modes contained on a separate disc. The offering contains 21 multiplayer maps released for Halo 3 as well as 3 additional maps titled Citadel, Heretic, and Longshore. The maps are tied into Halo 3's achievements. Along with the Halo 3 maps, ODST includes a version of the Forge map editor[—a utility that allows player customizations of multiplayer levels.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Thanks for sticking around and listening to my various ramblings an stuff. For anyone who wants to see what I may be doing through the day an night when I feel like updating, head on over to twitter @NekoArc.

Here's to more daily posts and to 50 more followers! Cheers~

Rotating banner image for your website

Here's something a little different for today's post, a little web design feature that can add a little "pop" to your site, a rotating banner.
Creating a folder on your host.
A basic text editor (download Notepad++ because its awesome).
Uploading a PHP file to your host.

Make text file and rename it to rotator.php (make sure windows displayes your file types).
Now copy this code inside the file: 

 Save the file and upload it and some banners in a folder on your host (ie, ). Then change whatever you're referencing from the image to the php script. That's it!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Xbox Live Special Deal!

I just signed into my  Live account, but I saw something special under the dashboard offers: 15% off and 1600 Microsoft Points. I navigate to see what the offer is and here's the following:

Limited Time Offer: Get a 24-month Gold membership today for the promotional price of just $84. As an Xbox LIVE Gold member, you'll have access to the best in gaming & entertainment. Stream Netflix movies, tune into personalized music from , and connect with frends on Facebook and Twitter - right from your TV! Enjoy playing games online with friends, video chat, exclusive discounts on marketplace content, and early access to demos, trailers & downloads! For only $84.00 plus aplicable taxes, your 24-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership helps you get the most of your Xbox experience. After 24 months, this membership auto-renews annually at the then current price (subject to change) until you cancel at any time. For cancellation info, call 1-800-4MY-XBOX or see

Offers not available for users currently on a promotional online Gold subscription.
MS Points will be deposited into the account 6-8 weeks after the offer end date and must be used by 6.30.11
The offer is available through only this dashboard signup
Your card will be charged for renewal only at the end of your cureent subscription rate

Hope someone finds this useful~

Saturday, October 2, 2010

New server on TsukiIRC

Just linked earlier today to TsukiIRC was Gorfnets, bringing some old friends of mine and fellow opers onto the IRC network. With that, we now have 8 servers spanning multiple locations in the USA, along with servers located in the UK and Austraila.

Here's the current list of the top five channels now:
  1. #Hades (36 users)
  2. #chats (23 users)
  3. #Darkstar (14 users)
  4. #Blogspot (13 users)
  5. #hurr (11 users)
We're steadily growing and getting close to averaging 100 users on the net now. It's pretty exciting with what we're doing. Also, if any irc server operators are looking to maybe link up and become part of a growing network, feel free to connect to the server and talk to me on #help

And for those who want to visit and don't have an IRC client, hop onto choose TsukiIRC for the server, and fill out the rest of the info.

Hope to see you there soon!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Chatting and so on

As someone who's used various internet chat mediums over the years, I've found that I prefer using MSN messenger once in a while, while I use IRC for pretty much everything else. Here's what I've used over the years-

  • AIM - My very first chat client dating back to early 2004. Haven't had much use for it for the past few years from all the changes that were made to the interface
  • Yahoo Instant Messenger (now Y!) - My second one that I really don't use anymore. This is how I discovered voice chat back in 2004. On a 33.6kpbs modem. (yes, it was painful and full of static). Don't use this one that much anymore
  • ICQ - I briefly used this one, and it just seemed..."meh"
  • IRC - Internet Relay Chat. I've been using this one since late 2004 and I got hooked over how public chat is so useful for stuff. I could go into the various clients for IRC, but that's best for a different article
  • MSN Messenger (Now Live Messenger) - I've really took to a liking to this one back then and I've consistantly used this one since then and well, I just like it lol.
  • Teamspeak - I've used it a few times and I didn't feel that it was that special
  • Skype - Voice chat on a grand scale. If it weren't for my horrid connection, I'd use it more
That's pretty much it for this one tonight. If anyone wants to chat me up, they can use IRC and point their server connection to and join #blogspot
There's also the option of going to and select TsukiIRC from the server list, choose a nickname, and use #blogspot for the channel name. AJAX for easy connections, ne?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monetizing your website. (also known as "how does i shot webmonies lol")

Here's something I've been wanting to write up for a while but haven't had much chance to do so. I'll be covering three different money-making programs with their advantages and disadvantages.
*Well, four...but two of the companies are owned by the same group.

First off, you'll need some sort of tax id (SSN works if you're a US resident), a mailing address, and a website of some sort. Then, you'll need the next set of things: time, and content.

First up- Adsense
It's Google's powerhouse for advertising on search and on other websites. It's good for just about anything, as long as your content is considered "safe for work". The minimum threshold for cashing out is $100USD (rates are different for other currencies), and when your account hits that amount for that month, it'll be processed and sent before the end of the next month. That can be seen as a disadvantage for people that might be looking for a quick payout.
Adsense has a good amount of customization for ads to be displayed on your site, from various sizing options, to color customization to match your site desgin.

Next- Linkbucks.
This one is a bit different in the way it serves ads: in-line ads, or commercial-style (intermission) ads. It allows safe for work content and non worksafe content. You'll have to setup your links as Adult or Clean when you do make the links so you can generate better money for relevant content. This ad system requires PayPal, and has a minimum payout of $5.00, so this can be seen as the quick-and-dirty way of trying to make some quick money. Be careful though, intermission ads can get on people's nerves really quick, so unless you have something like an established gallery or the like, it may not be the best idea to do.

Finally- Adbrite and Black Label Ads
I call this the "Adsense Alternative", the interface is different, but the concept is pretty much the same. Adbrite is the "safe for work" component, whereas Black Label Ads is the adult component of the ad network. Accounts between the two are shared, but your ad campaigns are not. You have the option of setting your minimum payout, to as low as $5.00. At the end of the month, your earnings go into a waiting period for two months to "mature" and then your payment is processed and you'll usually get the check by the middle of that month it's been processed. This is the longest of the three, so you will *really* need some patience for that first check.

I currently use all three on different websites, and earlier in the month, I finally received my first check from Black Label Ads for $14.25. For my Linkbucks account, I've withdrawn a total of $45 so far. Adsense on the otherhand...I just hit the half-way point for the payout, so it's taking a _long_ time. Hope someone found this informative~

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day in the Life of a Vocaloid Contest

Something for Mikuchan, it's a little writing contest to win a whole bunch of Vocaloid stuff.

Rules, info, and entries can be found here.

While you're there, take a listen from the music player, I'm sure someone will appreciate the tracks.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

20 posts later...

...and this is still a small blog. (not that I'm complaining anyways)

I wanna thank everybody who's been lurkin, commentan, an followan because it makes me want to post moar. I'm at a cool 38 followers now, something I really didn't expect when I decided to make this blog, and it's meeting my exptations of what I want to write about. WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT. So I do hope you guys enjoy reading my incoherent thoughts at times, it's fun making entries.

With that said, as I mentioned yesterday, the Sacrifice Comic, part 3 for Left 4 Dead was released today. I haven't had a chance to read it, but it goes a bit into Francis' backstory. Should be an interesting read.

That's all from me tonight, hope you all have a good night.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Grabbin Pillz

Four Survivors, looking for the next safe zone and eventual escape. Between them: hordes and hordes zombies.

Left 4 Dead begins in Pennsylvania, following an outbreak of so-called "Green Flu", a highly contagious virus causing extreme aggression and loss of higher brain functions.
Two weeks after the infection of Patient Zero, four immune survivors of the outbreak (Francis, Zoey, Bill, and Louis) make their way through the city of Fairfield, only to discover that the virus is creating new, even more dangerous mutations. After narrowly avoiding these new infected, along with hordes of others, the survivors are alerted to the presence of an evacuation point at the nearby Mercy Hospital by a passing news helicopter. Fighting their way through the city's streets, subway and sewers, the survivors are rescued from the hospital's roof by the pilot, only to discover that he is succumbing to the infection. ("No Mercy") With Zoey forced to kill the pilot, the helicopter crash lands in an industrial district outside the city. Finding a delivery truck that has been armored by other survivors, the group decides to use it to make their way to the town of Riverside ("Crash Course"). Before arriving in the town however, they find the road blocked, and are forced to travel the rest of the way on foot. Following an encounter with an infected madman in the local church, they discover that the town is overrun, and decide to head to a nearby boathouse for possible rescue. Contacting a small fishing vessel, they manage to reach the city of Newburg on the other side of the river, only to find much of it in flames ("Death Toll").
Seeking cover in a large greenhouse, their rest is interrupted when a military C-130 Hercules passes overhead, leading the survivors to travel through the city's business district towards Metro International Airport. Upon arrival, the group is shocked to see that in an attempt to contain the infection, the military had bombed the airport; the runway however is largely intact, allowing the survivors to fuel up and escape in the waiting C-130 ("Dead Air"). Despite this apparent rescue, the survivors once again find themselves alone on the outskirts of Allegheny National Forest. Following a series of train tracks through the area, the group find themselves at a functioning, but abandoned, military outpost. After answering a radio transmission, the survivors make their final stand against hordes of infected, before a military APC arrives to transport them to Northeast Safe Zone, supposedly the only location in the area yet to be overrun ("Blood Harvest").

Now that the previous tidbit of information is out of the way, it's a perfect game for co-op or vs online with friends. You can go at it yourself, but you won't get full support of the AI since it doesn't use throwable items, or the usefulness of communication with others.

The infected can get pretty brutal when there's a horde running at you and it gets worse when special infected show their ugly mugs to reign down terror on your fellow survivors, especially with Hunters trying to pounce you and tear you apart, Smokers trying to entangle you to death, or even the malicious Tank that will crush anything in it's way.

To help you out along the way, you'll get weapons like Molitovs, fully automatic M16A3 assault rifles, and scoped Ruger Mini-14 hunting rifles. In addition, you can blow stuff up like propane tanks to give additional damage to the infected. Health packs and pain pills can go a long way to keep your team going.

Having five campaigns to go through, it can take a a short time or well over an hour to go through each one, depending on the difficulty and the effectiveness of your team. If you've ever joined a game with a shoddy team, it'll may take quite a while, and this is speaking from personal expierence. This game came out probably at (my guess) the start of the big zombie craze of this time and it became a hit.

For those who are looking for information that bridges Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, there's the upcoming DLC The Sacrifice, but there's also the free comic that can be found here! Tomorrow they're releasing Part 3 of the comic and I can't wait. While I was writing up to this part, I took a look at L4D's site and saw that they just posted information about the The Sacrifice

“The Sacrifice” is the prequel to "The Passing," and takes place from the Left 4 Dead Survivors' perspective as they make their way South. You may read the comic to find out the official version of events or this October 5th you may play the game to choose your own ending.

In "The Sacrifice" for Left 4 Dead, gamers receive the complete Sacrifice campaign with maps playable in Campaign, Versus, and Survival. There are 5 new achievements, a new style finale and plenty of places for devastating Hunter pounces.

For Left 4 Dead 2, gamers receive “The Sacrifice” campaign and L4D1’s “No Mercy” both playable with the L4D1 Survivors. This version also offers 5 new achievements. In the L4D2 version of “The Sacrifice” each campaign is playable in Campaign, Versus, Survival, and Scavenge modes, and both "The Sacrifice" and L4D2 version of No Mercy feature the Left 4 Dead 2 Special Infected, items, and weapons. Yes, Zoey with a chainsaw!

"The Sacrifice" will be available as two separate packages on Xbox Live for 560 Microsoft Points each and free to all PC gamers.
 Now for those who may not understand why PC gamers are getting the DLC for free while X-Box 360 users have to pay for it, it's because the Microsoft corporation is a group of moneywhores, that's all. Hope you enjoyed reading this update~

Sunday, September 26, 2010 is now alive once again!

Launched today is the restart of my *chan hosting service, TsukiBoards. I also redid my old backup portal to reflect this and the new-ish irc network, TsukiIRC. The hosting services goes as such, if I like the idea and it's unique enough, I'll likely pick up hosting for it. If not, try to rethink your ideas a bit. Currently listed are my main site boards with a link to the portal, and Negimachan

As for IRC, I mentioned it a few posts back and it's turning into a nice little network. The popular channels are linked on the main page, along with the servers and current staff.

For those who want to check it out, head over to

Saturday, September 25, 2010


 Click to enlarge :3

So anybody here play Team Fortress 2? It's been a while since I've played, but it's so damn fun! For those who don't play the game, it's a class-based online first person shooter where you can play as characters such as Medic, Demoman, and Engineer. There's also several different gametypes like Arena, Capture Points, and Capture the Flag (or intelegence in this case).

Here's a current listing of classes: Pyro, Engineer, Spy, Heavy, Sniper, Scout, Soldier, Demoman, Medic. From what's listed, it's somewhat obvious as to what they can do. Pyro burns things, Scout has mad speed, and Demoman blows shit up. I started out as Pyro and eventually moved on to Engineer. I alternate between the two, but most of my logged time is with the Engie. Engies are good support roles and I've fit in with the class pretty well. As for the picture to the left, any Medic knows this situation quite well, because Soldiers cannot be healed when they're holding the Equalizer.

There's a considerable amount of weapon and item customization with the character Loadout screen and Crafting system. Once you find stuff through random generation during matches, you can change your primary and secondary weapons, along with a hat and a misc item. If you get enough of the same items, you can start crafting to eventually get metal and tokens to craft different items and weapons. It's pretty neat once you get into it.

I do have a few complaints though. The 360 version is sorely in need of a new release so all the customization and new maps can be used to play, it seems so...beta-ish for a person that's used to playing the PC port. With the PC version, it doesn't autoload controller settings for a 360-based controller, you'll have to make one yourself. The little trick I did was import the 360 controller settings from Left 4 Dead and then had to reconfigure more than half of the button mapping. If I can find it, I'll post it when I have the chance.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogger IRC chatroom!

As a few of you may know, I am currently running an irc network on one of my servers. On one of them, we've got a channel dedicated for discussing various blogs and design.

For irc, here's the information: #blogspot
(for those who want to connect securely, we offer SSL on port 6697)

Please note that it might take me a while to get back to reading and following your blogs due to all the stuff I help maintain, I hope you understand.

US ISP Disconnects Alleged Pirates for 6 Months

From torrentfreak-
The United States Internet Service provider Suddenlink has effectively implemented a three-strikes policy for repeated copyright infringers. After three DMCA notices, alleged copyright infringers are disconnected from the Internet for six months, without a refund. According to a company representative, the DMCA requires them to take such drastic measures.
Read the full story here.

This is a load of bull and I hope that Suddenlink changes their policies before they lose part of their customer base. Just think if ACTA is passed... 

Computer buildan

So for the first time in 6 years, I'm looking to build myself a new computer. Right now I'll have to get a part every few weeks due to lol bills, and I'm taking suggestions as to what I should put into the beast.

I'll probably set my total budget to $500 and hopefully have some breathing room to keep it upgraded over the next 2 years. I'll probably be running Win XP, 7, and hackintosh on it (heh), and I'll be using it mostly for Steam games like TF2, L4D, and maybe Call of Duty

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here's some info about one of the earlier series back when started to really get into anime..

Betterman (ベターマン) is a Japanese anime television series which began airing in 1999. It was created by Sunrise's internal "Studio 7" under the direction of Yoshitomo Yonetani. Betterman uses heavily Jungian symbolism and themes, such as Animus.

The Plot-

The series' plot focuses on the threat of "Algernon," a mutation in the brain which causes an accelerated alteration in the sensory, neural and nervous faculties. Those subjected to the phenomenon become violently hostile, suicidal, and share a hive mind collective with those who share the disease. Akamatsu Industries, a group designated to research and counteract Algernon, head a covert squadron of Neuronoids, robots piloted by Dual Kinds to inspect areas exposed to contamination and neutralize any threats brought thereabout. Keita Aono, a high school student, is brought into the fold after a chance encounter with a childhood friend, Hinoki Sai.
The titular hero of the series, Betterman, is a life form of superior physical and mental capabilities via adaptation of "seeds." Through the resulting consumption of these plants, Betterman can metamorphose into situational combat forms. His most common form is the humanoid "Betterman Lamia." Each transformation allows Betterman to attain distinct physical-, psionic-, and mobility-related abilities.

Algernon, the name of which itself derives from the book "Flowers for Algernon", is never completely understood until the final moments of the series. Even then, it is left to the viewer to deduce what Algernon exactly is. Algernon seems to be, as mentioned, either a virus, or a sort of mutation. However, it is in fact a natural method of preventing human perfection which is understood to be the root of evil. The battle between Algernon and Betterman is actually the process of human evolution. It is not entirely impossible that Algernon is everything that it is theorized to be.
Victims of Algernon show symptoms like those in the end chapters of "Flowers for Algernon," (loss of intellect and emotional control) but on a larger, more violent scale. Rage isn't the only symptom, as insanity and bodily mutation are evident in many cases.

It should be also be noted that Betterman takes place in the same world as The King of Braves GaoGaiGar, as characters from both series make guest appearances in the story, though only a few minor links are visually made within the series itself (and only one minor character from GaoGaiGar appears on a semi-constant basis).


Betterman is composed of 26 episodes, first aired on TV Tokyo from April 1, 1999 to September 30, 1999. It has been released in the USA (in DVD format) by Bandai Entertainment. The dubbed English version from this DVD release has also aired on the US cable network G4TV (Known as TechTV at the time of its airing) during the "Anime Unleashed" rotation, premiering on December 30, 2002. Despite this exposure, it is still a fairly unknown series to American audiences. This is perhaps due to its plot, as it is generally considered quite difficult to understand. Also, many different terms are used that are never explained, but these terms are scientifically based and often require broader knowledge concerning biology and other sciences.

Contacts for cosplay?

So I've been thinking of going to ACEN next year and possibly cosplaying. Since I wear glasses, I've been told that my choices are rather limited. So here's my options, go as a character that wears glasses, or get contacts so I can expand what I can do.

For people that have contacts, what's it like? To be honest, I feel that it'd be really...weird to have that stuff on my eyeballs. Maybe it's just a fear of rubbing my eyes and just shattering the lenses and getting that stuff in my eyes >.>

For my second question, who could I cosplay as if I do go with just using my glasses?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

"Other Stuff"

I've been sick since yesterday, so I haven't been up to really blogging. Been thinking of selling my 3 Naruto dvd sets, anyone have an idea how much I should sell them for? I really didn't get into watching it and they're collecting dust.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Today brings forth the expansion of our 2nd VPS for the network, and 3rd source of hosting, Spanky. This is to help with our gradual expansion of the net and make it a bit easier when one of the servers get hit with a ddos. Not as much stuff will go down then ^.^

With that addition, RockstarChan and a few other sites have already been moved over there, so if you're having trouble accessing sites on the net, please flush your dns and clear your cashe.

In addition, I added a sidebar widget for the top 5 entries for the Anime & Chan Toplist.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

yay ddos (updated)

Helldive irc is currently under ddos, which is in turn affecting my vps. The only site that isn't affected since it's on a different box is Hurrchan. Will try to update when I get info.

Everything  came back online during the evening last night. Wasn't able to update since I wasn't around to post. More useful posts incoming later~

Friday, September 17, 2010


For those who are familiar with Vocaloids and Hatsune Miku probably know about Mikuchan already.
Those who go there probably know that there's a UTAU board there (and probably avoid it.. lol just kidding)

In during a overtly generalization about UTAU: it's the cheaper alternative to the Vocaloid software. An example of such is to the right, which is a link to Lola from Zero-G. It's pretty pricey.

Anyways, apparently there was a lot of drama that started up on that specific board because there were two threads about "what you don't like about x-" and they started to get out of hand. I decided to enable posting ids (which assigns a 6-character hex value to your post based off of your ip) to stave off any potential problems that could arise from those threads.

So after doing so, I noticed that those two threads disappeared and people were wondering what happened. It turned out that the same person posted both threads and was samefagging in said threads in order to perpetuate drama. Some of it was originally in good fun, but it ballooned into nasty mudslinging. Aline has since apoligized in this thread.

In probably a few days I'll probably turn off posting ids again so that board can be completely anonymous again, should the poster choose to do so.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Courtney was to be guest write for this, but hurr durr.

Long story short,  Hurrchan is a chan full of technology and derp. From the Encyclopedia Dramatica page:
Hurrchan is a relatively small and badly-coded imageboard. It's relatively empty at the time being after just recovering from several months of downtime and then a few weeks of being stuck on a shitty free host that didn't allow porn. Hurrchan's philosophy used to be anti-anonymous and anti-raid, but that was largely due to Courtney's ex. No one really gives a shit, either due to laziness or too much meth and Hurrchan links to Rockstarchan's /i/.
Hurrchan was born out of the IRC channel #hurr on, a shitty server of trolls, assholes, and bitchy femanons that had been causing general fail and shitty obnoxious trolling for a few months already. Then, one day, a magical idea occurred... to create a chan shitty enough to outdo every previous chan.
What's funny is that it's the complete truth.
Several months after the drama stopped, I decided to pick up hosting for them. Besides having my filehost under derping several times, the uptime has been good. Courtney, myself, Freehaven and a few others are currently working on the site wiki in order to help to contribute to the Kusaba X software community and keep stuff a bit more organized. Why not take a look at the Portal page for the project, it's pretty neat~

Also, if gore is your thing, you'll fit right in with the gore board.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Traffic Explosion!

Not here, but on one of the sites I host and admin, RockstarChan has got a major traffic spike right after 4chan went down for a while nearly 24 hours ago. I don't know if the two are related, but that's pretty neat. For those that may go to chan toplist sites, here's their stats. It's over 29K unique hits at the time of this writing and it's still got an hour and a half before the stat reporting resets for the day.

For those who might be thinking. "what's bringing in the activity?", I'm not entirely sure. I can answer where they're going though: the porn and hentai boards. As they say, the internet is made for porn. Let's see how this may turn out for the site~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jessi Slaughter

Something a little different this late night, I bet some of you remember the original "You rage you lose" thread, while others might have picked up on this days after, or even through gaweker (lol bawker).

I feel that she got what she deserved for being a complete attention whore that just wouldn't quit whoring herself out, but I'm wondering how you feel about the whole thing.

This might have been a more substantial posting, but I haven't been able to get much sleep lately and thought that this might be a little more "interesting", for a better lack of words.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Anime & Chan Toplist

For those who aren't familiar with Toplists, here's an entry from wikipedia. The original is gone, so I've taken the entry from the German page and spruced it up a bit-

A Toplist is a single web page on the topic similar external websites in the form of text and / or banner link..
The external sites are presented in a hierarchy-based ranking. The ranking can be calculated by different methods. One way of ranking is the frequency of visits to a website and another is a possibility of a website wanting for them to "vote for visiting" (vote) by clicking a corresponding button..

On to the founding of the site-
After belonging to The Chan Top List for several months, I decided to make one off of a subdomain of my site, particularly based on nekomimi. It went on for a few months before I was forced to change hosts. A while after getting stuff moved to our current box, I decided to actually put a little more work into the site and found that other chans were joining it. I eventually had the idea to change the "Catgirl Toplist" into a bit more broad site and rename it to Anime & Chan Toplist.

With some design done (thanks Holly!), it was launched under the new domain, Sure, the css needs a bit of work and a few things are lacking, but it's considerably better than it was before.

In order to be ranked on the site, all one would have to do is join, get the code for your button and add that code to the site. Examples of sites currently allowed:
  • Anime Blogs
  • Anime Sites
  • Discussion Boards (anime-related, obviously)
  • Hentai Sites
  • Imageboard *chans
  • Misc. Sites (something that doesn't entirely fit in with everything else)
  • NSFW Galleries (this and the next one are good for boorus)
  • SFW Galleries
Currently there are 18 active members:
  1. NekoArc Network (my home base)
  2. Zombiechan (Zombies and Yakui)
  3. RockstarChan (Rockstar Military is coming)
  4. Otakulinks (A+ Hentai Blog)
  5. DS Chan (Really don't have a description for this one...)
  6. eschan ("generic imageboard" in Spanish)
  7. Mikuchan (Vocaloids, UTAU, Hatsune Miku, and more)
  8. Hurrchan ("Have you ever herped so much you derped?")
  9. Papurokoneko Catgirl Images & Blogs (Nice little active catgirl site)
  10. Vanchan (it's funny)
  11. Awsumchan ("Stop lurking. Get posting.")
  12. Your Yoga Butt (It's a butt site, nothing much else)
  13. Antichan (Pretty new, has potential)
  14. musichan (New-ish music-based chan)
  16. Wallchan (a single board for wallpapers only)
  17. CHAN.PL (A Polish-based chan)
  18. Kemano (Supposed to be an RP community, but it doesn't look like it's active)
Besides doing this for the fun of it, it's to also help smaller and newer sites bring in quality traffic. It helps bring exposure to niche sites like Mikuchan and musichan (for example). Without resorting to endlessly spam other sites or having to pay for it, sites like this are a boon to those looking for traffic.

In closing, sites like this are good for looking into if your a website owner, or even if you're someone like me and is into chan culture and likes going to these other places.

Something a little different.

I thought that I'd try blogging for a change, so here's my lame attempt at doing so. Hopefully, I'll be posting stuff semi-frequently about whatever I want to blog about. :p I may also use this for status on the Network, but who knows. My first 'real' entry will probably be about my toplist and do a small detail on the current memebers.