Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Courtney was to be guest write for this, but hurr durr.

Long story short,  Hurrchan is a chan full of technology and derp. From the Encyclopedia Dramatica page:
Hurrchan is a relatively small and badly-coded imageboard. It's relatively empty at the time being after just recovering from several months of downtime and then a few weeks of being stuck on a shitty free host that didn't allow porn. Hurrchan's philosophy used to be anti-anonymous and anti-raid, but that was largely due to Courtney's ex. No one really gives a shit, either due to laziness or too much meth and Hurrchan links to Rockstarchan's /i/.
Hurrchan was born out of the IRC channel #hurr on, a shitty server of trolls, assholes, and bitchy femanons that had been causing general fail and shitty obnoxious trolling for a few months already. Then, one day, a magical idea occurred... to create a chan shitty enough to outdo every previous chan.
What's funny is that it's the complete truth.
Several months after the drama stopped, I decided to pick up hosting for them. Besides having my filehost under derping several times, the uptime has been good. Courtney, myself, Freehaven and a few others are currently working on the site wiki in order to help to contribute to the Kusaba X software community and keep stuff a bit more organized. Why not take a look at the Portal page for the project, it's pretty neat~

Also, if gore is your thing, you'll fit right in with the gore board.