Friday, September 17, 2010


For those who are familiar with Vocaloids and Hatsune Miku probably know about Mikuchan already.
Those who go there probably know that there's a UTAU board there (and probably avoid it.. lol just kidding)

In during a overtly generalization about UTAU: it's the cheaper alternative to the Vocaloid software. An example of such is to the right, which is a link to Lola from Zero-G. It's pretty pricey.

Anyways, apparently there was a lot of drama that started up on that specific board because there were two threads about "what you don't like about x-" and they started to get out of hand. I decided to enable posting ids (which assigns a 6-character hex value to your post based off of your ip) to stave off any potential problems that could arise from those threads.

So after doing so, I noticed that those two threads disappeared and people were wondering what happened. It turned out that the same person posted both threads and was samefagging in said threads in order to perpetuate drama. Some of it was originally in good fun, but it ballooned into nasty mudslinging. Aline has since apoligized in this thread.

In probably a few days I'll probably turn off posting ids again so that board can be completely anonymous again, should the poster choose to do so.


  1. Interesting blog, while I can see where you are coming from, perhaps add filters instead of forcing id's?

  2. @MellowCoke
    filters? I'm not entirely sure where you're coming from with that.