Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mobile Phones!

Something a tad different from what I'm posting (oh wait I post different stuff all the time..), here's a short one on phones.

Now I'm sure that most of who's reading this has one, but what kind of phone do you have and how do you have yours setup?

Right now, I've got a Palm Pre Plus through Verizon, using their unlimited data/email plan and with the expensive $6 or so monthly charge for insurance. It's handy if the phone has any major issues aside from water damage. Back when I got it, there was a special going on for a free 5GB mobile hotspot for the term of the contract, so that's what kinda got me wanting to buy it. The $50 price point helped quite a bit too. It's a nice phone running webOS, but I've had a few small issues before.  Namely, the sound and vibration completely died one day. Dunno what caused it, but I had to have a replacement sent in for it. Since when does the insurance doesn't come in handy!

Right now, I've been using my phone for calls, email, web surfing, downloading, games, and (of course) irc. The whole unlimited data with the phone helps with my limited bandwidth for my regular internet connection. Since the webOS is relatively easy to unlock, it wasn't much of an issue installing terminal and other stuff so I can shell into the phone and wget from fileservers. I feel like such a nerd :3


  1. Good post. I've been looking to get a new phone since my old contract ran out. $6 a month in insurance doesn't sound so bad to me...sure insurance wasn't $60?

  2. I wish I could get unlim data. It's all capped where I live.

  3. I only use my phone once every few months, it's quite old

  4. All of are lucky. I don't even have a cellular phone.

  5. I've never had a data plan. My contract is about to end, so I'll look into it though. Any recommendations?

  6. I currently have a data plan and with out its, its safe to say i wouldnt be very orginized mind you i use it for work, school and just about everything else.

  7. @Mithridates
    insurance cost is monthly for around $6 because it's an "advanced device"
    I'll probably cover that in a future post

  8. Never seem the Palm Pre Plus.. but... then again, I'm not much into phones. haven't made a call in ages :-p