Friday, September 24, 2010

US ISP Disconnects Alleged Pirates for 6 Months

From torrentfreak-
The United States Internet Service provider Suddenlink has effectively implemented a three-strikes policy for repeated copyright infringers. After three DMCA notices, alleged copyright infringers are disconnected from the Internet for six months, without a refund. According to a company representative, the DMCA requires them to take such drastic measures.
Read the full story here.

This is a load of bull and I hope that Suddenlink changes their policies before they lose part of their customer base. Just think if ACTA is passed... 


  1. that sucks, man :// by the time i have kids, "their" internet will be really boring because of the government intervention... cheers

  2. Do not get my started on ACTA and this BS in general. Good informative post though.